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Audrina Patridge Biography: It was a reality show The Hills, which skyrocketed her popularity and provide her a solid place in a world of show business. Audrina Patridge was born on May 9, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Unknown till 2006, it was Patridge's luck when film stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad moved to her building to shoot a reality show. The neighbors became friends and Audrina was cast for the show The Hills, the very show she became famous after. When the show came to an end Patridge was offered to act in series like Do Not Disturb and Mad TV. The most recent film Audrina starred in is Sorority Row, which was released on September 11, 2009. She is working on her first leading role for the movie LA Candy, which will be released on August 2010. In 2007 she tried to won the title of "Hollywood Prom Queen" but in vain, as it went to Angie Cole. At the beginning of her successful career, Audrina had a short modeling experience; she posed for some magazines and ads. It was the time when she was young and naive and agreed to pose nude. She tried to keep this fact in secret but it's rather hard to do in the era of Internet. Recently her naked pictures were published online. Presently she has a mansion in Hollywood Dell neighborhood. It was robbed in February 2009 by ill luck. Of course such a beauty never lacks men's attention. Audrina was romantically linked to Shannon Leto, an actor. Also, there were rumors about Patridge and Drolet, The Hills' co-star, relations. She also dated Michael Cruz and Justin Brescia. According to late data, Audrina was dating an Australian biker Corey Bohan.

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