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Cameron Diaz Biography: Glamour actress, fashion model and superb woman Cameron Diaz is a real treasure in Hollywood. Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on August 30, 1972 in California. The young 16-year-old girl attended high school and at this early age the girl was signed by elite model agency. Diaz was a beautiful model and due to her model carrier she managed to travel around the globe living in interesting and beautiful places as Paris and Japan. At the age of 21 she returned to California. The she won a a role in the hit movie 'The Mask'. Interestingly Cameron didn't have a formal acting training. So the young girl became famous due to her real talent. In 1998 Cameron got her title role in the hit comedy film 'There is something about Mary'. Since this period charming Cameron Diaz has been most famous Hollywood celebrity. It's known Cameron was the voice of Princess Fiona in the superb 'Shrek' 3D cartoon. A year later the celeb starred in the Charlie's Angels movies. Actually both of these projects were amazingly lucrative for the actress. Currently the beauty isn't going to stop her actress carrier and looking for interesting offers from most popular directors.

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