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Courteney Cox Arquette Biography: Some people can remember Courteney Cox Arquette due to the popular movie 'Blue Desert' (1991) where the sexy actress starred in topless and nude scenes showing off her smart ass and gorgeous boobs. Nevertheless this woman is treated as a gifted Hollywood play-actress. Courteney Cox Arquette was born on June, 15, in 1964 in Birmingham, UK. She had one brother and two lovely sisters. Unfortunately Courteney's parents divorced when the girl was too little. Her mother decided to take the children and to raise them. Meanwhile her father - a building contractor - had to move to Florida where he found another woman. Little Courteney attended the Mountain Brook High School where she studied literature and dancing; then she moved to Washington College where she was taught interior decoration. After a year a strange thing happened. The point is that the young and attractive girl was signed by the Ford modeling agency. Actually it was her successful start so she began to work as a model. After some brilliant shoots for popular magazines such as 'Teen Beat' the model started working in TV commercials. Of course she longed for NY City and a month later she was there. It goes without saying Courteney was a hard-working teenager and woman during the whole life. Living and working in New- York she had a lot of sponsors offering her super projects. Courteney's biggest success on the big screen happened in 1996 when she starred in the movie 'Scream'. Amazingly that movie made more that $ 120 000 000 in the USA. So the actress was offered to play in 'Scream 2' that was released a year later. Currently Courteney Cox Arquette lives with a man of her dream David Arquette who she met while playing in 'Scream'. To add she's a mother of her beloved daughter.

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