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Denise Richards Biography: One of the sexiest actress in Hollywood Denise Richards has a great biography. First of all we can remember her movies where she played topless. Wild Things (1998) was her triumph and here you can see how topless chick pours champagne over her sexy boobs. What's more she performs lesbo kissing and having sex with Neve Cambell. 'Playboy' magazine played a role in the celeb's career and a lot of her fans could watch nude pics of Denise. Denise Richards was born on February 17, 1971, in Downers Grove, Chicago, US. Former fashion model and charming actress has an interesting biography. Her father Irving Richards worked for a phone company while her mother Joni was an owner of a chain of coffeehouses. Being 14 year-old girl she looked very attractive. At this age she and her family had to move in California. Here she graduated from High School. Actually she had no small roles and became a famous actress in the 90s. One of her best movies 'Wild Things' that made her a real Hollywood actress. Here the young and talented slut could show her sexuality and beautiful figure to the whole world. By the way she starred in lower-budget movies and TV series. Today she's single; the actress longs for big roles and looking for a new husband.

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