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Hilary Swank Biography: In childhood Hilary Swank was interested in sport and acting at the same time. Born on July 30, 1974, in Nebraska, she was a gymnast and a perfect swimmer. In addition to sport, Swank's second love was acting. When she was 9, she performed Mowgli in The Jungle Book on the stage. She enjoyed participation in community and School Theater. Studying at high school, her mother and Hilary moved to Los Angeles in hope to find an acting work for Swank. First, she had minor roles and appeared in sitcoms, later she had a debut in her first film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which however did not bring her neither fame, not money. Swank then appeared in some other film where she agreed to act topless for instance Quiet Days in Hollywood. Later she got her long-expected Oscar-winning role in Boy's Don't Cry. She became a celebrity then, though Hilary said she still earned little money. The year 2004 was successful for an actress, as she won her second Oscar for Million Dollar Baby and a million dollar for her part.

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