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Lisa Rinna Biography: Brown-haired and blue-eyed actress Lisa Rinna was born on July 11, 1963. The place of her birth is Medford, Oregon, USA. Lisa lived with her parents and siblings. Her early years weren't original and interesting because Lisa was a plain and good-looking girl who had no any talents. After she graduated from the University of Origon she moved to Los-Angeles where she got her first job. Fortunately young and attractive girl was hard-working and ambitious person who always got what she wanted. That year she realized she wanted to be an actress so she longed for an opportunity to be noticed by any director or producer. Nevertheless firstly she appeared on the cover of L.A. glamorous magazine. A year later Lisa started working on her acting career and her new friends helped her. The thing is that Rinna was a very proud woman and she never asked for help. Thanks to these features of character her career was far away from being easy. Fortunately in 1985 Lisa starred in television series and her performance was successful. Then she played in 'Night Sins' movie that made her popular and brought some Awards and worldwide fame. Actually that movie was her first step to big screen and then she got roles in 'Winter Heat', 'Close to Danger' and 'Another Woman's Husband'. Until now Lisa Rinna has been working in cinematography and working with famous actors and artists.

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