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Luciana Salazar Biography: Though Luciana Salazar is a household name her native country Argentina, she is known throughout the world due to high profile magazines she posed to. Luciana Salazar, an Argentinean model, actress and singer, was born on November 7, 1980 in Buenos Aires. Her parents noticed Luciana's inborn beauty as the girl stood out among other children of the same age. So, not to let the girl's beauty go to waste, Luciana's parents took little pretty to commercial auditions and Luciana had her first gig at the age of four. Till 15 Salazar was already a known glamour model in Argentina and this status helped her to have a try in acting. She landed her first minor role in a series Pon? a Francella. Ambitious Salazar wanted something more than local fame, she was looking forward to international recognition. And she had it after she appeared in a revealing shirt at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, that everyone could see her bare tits. Since then Salazar became a sex icon for all MTV viewers. With her irresistible desire to show her revealed gorgeous body, Luciana won the title of the Queen of the International Music Festival of Vina del Mar and was the representative of the national soccer team at 2006 German World Cup.

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