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Mena Suvari Biography: It sounds like a dream when a pale girl is lying among red roses and you are almost tempt to say "beauty" - American Beauty if to be precise, the film that made a celebrity out of Mena Suvari. Born on February 9, 1979 in New Port, Rhode Island, Mena started modeling in her early ages as her parents thought she had full potential for that. Being 13 Suvari started to appear in TV commercials and her parents decided to move to Los Angeles to support their daughter's future acting career. Suvari did not have to wait long to find roles in TV shows and appeared in Chicago Hope, Boys Meet Girls and ER. In 1997 she got a serious role in a movie Kiss the Girls, which was followed by another role in The Slums of Beverly Hills. Nevertheless, the role Suvari will never be forgotten for was in a movie American Beauty in 1999, where she was lying semi-nude among rose petals. The scene was unforgettable and romantic. To confirm her stardom position Mena starred in a comedy American Pie and its sequel American Pie 2. In 2006 Suvari had a second splash of success by starring in six movies including Caffeine, Factory Girl and Day of the Dead. In a movie The Mysteries of Pittsburgh she again performed her bare tits while having sex with a guy right in a supermarket. Suvari also proved that she is ready to do everything for the sake of acting and agreed to shave her head for the role in a film The Garden of Eden. Pictures of her bald leaked in the Internet at once. Suvari is a known philanthropist in the States and donates money for cancer research center. She is involved in campaign against domestic violence and smoking among teenagers.

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