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Rachel Bilson Biography: Having many show business workers in her family she could not help to become an actress. Born on August 25, 1981 in Los Angeles California, Rachel Bilson was a daughter of a film director, producer and writer Danny Bilson. Rachel also had a screenwriter and an owner of a film-producing firm (currently it does not exist) in her ancestry. Bilson's parents divorced when she was just a girl and it was the decrees of fate, that little Rachel left with her father. Though she was surrounded by show business atmosphere, she didn't have interest to it until she chanced to stage in Bye Bye Birdie, Once Upon a Matress and The Crucible at her high school. It was her father who encouraged her to study acting professionally; as a result in a while she was seen in commercials and advertisements of various products. In 2003 she had luck to play a minor role in 8 Simple Rules:For Dating My Teenage Daughter, a teenage movie. But the film that made her a star was Summer Roberts on The O.C. Actually she had a minor role there, but as the show became very successful Bilson was offered to act a minor part and the plot was changed. Bilson's noted appearance and beauty could not be left off-stage, thus she was acknowledged by Maxim magazine one of Hot 100 Women (she ranked #6) in 2005 and took #14 place in 2006. Also 2005 was a prizewinning year as Bilson got Choice TV Actress in a Drama, Best On screen TV Chemistry and Choice Hottie Female.

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