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Jessica Alba pregnant bikini

I always say that pregnant women look amazingly sexy and charming. I want to share some private pics with Jessica Alba. The star has been pregnant for a couple of months relaxing in comfortable conditions in the family circle. Jessica wears classical bikini being completely absorbed in her motherly status. Rumors say that the celeb is leading a healthy life and rarely spends her time in the hectic city. Check out these tender and sexy pics and try to imagine Jessica completely nude! :)

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Kate Bosworth bikini

Have you ever seen Kate Bosworth in tiny yellow bikini? Anyway you should see these beach pics revealing Kate’s beauty. She is so young and well-built that I would give her an award for the best body! Unfortunately, I don’t see any boobs but it makes her more flexible in bed! You know, every woman has a personal advantage and when it comes to Kate – I want to look at her smart and saucy butt! It would be nice to find out her sex tape on the web!

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Rachel Bilson bikini

Who is that yummy and splendid girl on the beach? It seems to me that we’re going to enjoy Rachel Bilson pics! I am surprised with her amazing body and I should say she looks very attractive. The star was spotted while sunbathing in Barbados. Rachel splashed in the warm water hitting the black bikini! As you see she is becoming even younger and more tempting. I think she eats just fresh fruits and yoghurts!

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Rachel Uchitel bikini

Rachel Uchitel with her boyfriend look romantic and so passionate. The couple was spotted vacationing in Miami. Rachel doesn’t waste her time when it comes to her appearance. I can imagine her working in the gym! Cover girl can be in TOP of the best women of the world due to her splendid curves and so merry look! I want to share the latest pics with you and of course you will appreciate her tasty body, long legs and those ripe lips!

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Hilary Swank bikini ass

Hilary Swank is a candy that must be eaten away! The star with her family were spotted on the beach. In my opinion there are some troubles concerning their private life. The family looks sad while walking together. As for sexy Hilary, she is amazing and that pink bra says a lot about her passion and taste. You can see at her tight butt and delicate movements! She looks as a cat longing for tenderness and love!

P.S. Her face is quite ordinary, but that seductive body is a good thing to gaze at!

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Melanie Brown pregnant bikini

I like pregnant women because they look extremely sexy. Now I am going to tell you a story about one pregnant woman. Melanie Brown is going to become a mother and her tummy is growing up. Look at her splendid body and big boobs. Melanie looks happy and I am sure she will be a good mother. Pregnancy isn’t good time for sex but a lot of husbands prefer to play adult games with their pregnant wives! I am not the exception!

P.S. Pregnant women are spicy and tempting, aren’t they? :)

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Serena Williams bikini ass

Black celeb Serena Williams was hitting the beach in sunny Miami. That girl walking with her is celeb trainer. Wooha! Serena’s ass is growing up and I like it. The star was surrounded by her friends and they were spending this weekend together. You’re lucky to observe these hot pics revealing a huge body of Williams. She looks so happy and I guess her sensual life is pretty nice. I imagine her having sex with a thin guy. It would be nice to find a sex tape with her on the web!

P.S. I am not so brave to fondle her body but that juicy ass looks sexy… :)

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